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Vagaters is a 100% free high quality video chat.
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  • Please always be curteous and polite! Do not harrass other chatters with rude or explicit private messages.
  • Use your block button to avoid fights.
  • Do not request a denied cam multiple times.
  • Keep it clean! Don't upload explicit images!
  • Your webcam is your responsibility! You break the law, we rat you out!
  • Have fun!

Vagaters will always stay free without any login requirements. The chat rooms are moderated: be a jerk and get banned.


1. Pick a chat room. The numbers behind the room names is the amount of people in that room.
2. You must "publish" your webcam, before others can request to view it.
3. To view a video stream, pick a name from the list and click the button under the desired video window.
4. To send a private message, select a name and click the bottom left button with the room name on it.
5. You can modify several chat options with the little icon buttons to the left. Check the tooltips.


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